Where Success Meets Opportunity

Established 2017

Santoro Marketing Firm, LLC


We are currently in the process of transforming into something bigger.

By July - August of 2018, Santoro will have it's first office opened. This company will have many new passionate and talented individuals representing, and provide extremely unique, and in depth services that have been simplified to what ALL of our customers truly need.

Santoro has came a long way as a brand, provider, and business. We are looking forward to reopening our services, and cannot wait to provide you with expertise to aid in your success for years to come.

Robert Santoro, CEO & Founder.




New York, 10901




With The Incredible Amount Of Opportunity That Surrounds Us Each And Every Day, It Would Be Completely Foolish To Not Take A Leap Of Faith.
— Robert santoro

To our knowledge, this life is only experienced once. Do what you believe will push you one step further. Work for the rainy days. Sacrifice a few years of your life in order to live the rest of it like 99% of the others won't. Success is not as complicated as it may seem. Simply do the actions, refine your strategy when hit with an object, repeat over and over again, and I can guarantee you that you will be successful.