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Founded by Robert Santoro, Santoro LLC was built off the intention to help other businesses, entrepreneurs, and highly ambitious people get better recognition, along with the highest quality results for their needs possible. With our services so broad, we have no specific target audience, or " clientele ". We love what we do, and this company was founded to provide expertise, and services to help vast majorities of people reach their goals.



founder & ceo

Robert Santoro

When the start of Robert's entrepreneurial path began, it involved trading stocks, penny stocks to be exact. From trading simulated money for months, studying the market for over a year, and taking a small loan from his father, Robert was able to grow his personal investment portfolio slowly but gradually. After about a year, Robert came up with the idea to help others, business owners to be exact. After observing and trying to find everyday solutions for businesses, Robert realized that the world of business revolves around marketing, and this is when he founded the company Santoro. At first providing small, simple services to customers, the company had been growing at a substantial rate. However, Robert plans to take his company to the next level, obtaining many new faces to represent the company, give unique, professional, and personalized services to all clients, and helping each business reach maximum exposure, and earn the potential to produce maximum profit.